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Palirria My Greek Meze Sweet & Spicy Dolmas

10 oz


Vine leaves stuffed with rice and hot cherry peppers. With Greek olive oil. Great traditions, fine taste, to share! Ready to serve. No preservatives. Gluten & cholesterol free. Suitable for vegetarians. Sterilized product. Dolma is the most famous Greek meze dish! Palirria is the N degrees 1 Dolma producer in the world. For more than half century our people stuff and roll by hand tender vine leave with the most natural ingredients. Seeking new flavors for our products, Palirria combines tender vine leaves, nutritious rice, red hot cherry peppers, parsley, finely chopped onions and olive oil. The result is delicious sweet and spicy dolmas that you can enjoy as a main course or share it with your friends or family as an appetizer. You can savor this delicious dish by combing with yoghurt sauce with goat cheese and chopped peppers! Meze is a small dish, hot or cold, served in the Mediterranean region with an aperitif or as light meal. Meze supplements and enhances the tats of the drink and provides the backdrop for a social gathering. Meze is more than just a dish; it is a sharable eating experience. Dispose of properly. Product of Greece.


Rice (Cooked) 52%, Hot Cherry Peppers 10.8%, Vine Leaves 10%, Water, Soya Oil, Onions, Tomato Peppers, Olive Oil 2%, Sugar, Parsley, Salt, Invert Sugar, Wine Vinegar, Tabasco, Black Pepper, Acids: Citric Acid, Acetic Acid, Firming Agent: Calcium Chloride.